Hello World!


Love that’s the answer

Nothing else can play the part.

Only Love can feel the hunger

in our hearts

That’s the answer, the only answer…


No matter what your life may be, you can create small

adventures of Love and Beauty for yourself within each day.


Live your life with arms open

Today is where your book begins

Feel the rain on your skin

No one else can feel it for you

Only you can let it in

No one else, no one else

Can speak the words on your lips…


“Don’t ever forget who you ARE.” The Universe!


Through our actions, particularly through our embracing of compassion, we have opened a space for more Divine Light in our hearts.


Embrace the truth even though the truth can sometimes be difficult or hurtful, bring more Light into the world.


Choose your words based in Love. Choose words that heal people rather than words that hurt people. This includes words you use in regard to yourself.

Each of us has entered a time and space in with true, human, heart-to-heart connection is more possible and more necessary than ever before.


I AM always loved, protected, taken care of. I AM always in the arms

of the everlasting Father/Mother/God/All That is,

and I will always remain in that love!


I am love. I am good enough. I love myself. I love the ones who are around me.

I smile because I feel loved. And when I smile, I give forth love!



Love who you are, love who you will become, love who you can be. Do not seek to be loved seek to be Love!



21 Responses to “Hello World!”

  1. radioman Says:

    grand universe indead we are ;}

  2. dydablju Says:

    yes, grand universe and full of love! 🙂

  3. caroleen Says:

    Excellent!!! LOVE is the answer! Love your new site! Congratulations!! You are Love Incarnate!

  4. dydablju Says:

    Thank you, Caroleen. We all are Love Incarnate because

    L ive
    O ne
    V ibrational
    E nergy

  5. quest Says:

    Ooooh,you have a blog:) Great idea,Dydablju!
    I’m looking forward to reading more from you ❤

  6. dydablju Says:

    Welcome from all my heart 🙂

  7. quest Says:

    How’s it going , Dydablju?
    Hope all is more than well!:)

  8. dydablju Says:

    Quest, you do not forget me, thank you.
    You are always welcome to my calm inner place.
    I’m already on my holidays now!!!!!!!!! Until September!
    And i will have enough pleasant, cosy and sweet time
    being here… 🙂

  9. quest Says:

    Sveiki Dydablju!:)
    How’s autumn in your part of Europe?

  10. dydablju Says:

    Szervusz Quest!
    Thank you for greeting in my language. It’s very welcome to here it from you! I feel you’re hungarian? i greeted you
    in hungarian but if you’re not take my apologize and say were are you from… 🙂
    It’s cold already here but that’s just another change on the earth’s surface and another living conditions. That’s it. Love is the same!

  11. quest Says:

    You’re (almost) spot on!:D
    Peace and a hug ^_^

  12. quest Says:

    very happy, snowy holidays! weee:)

  13. dydablju Says:

    Wouldn’t life be worth the living
    Wouldn’t dreams be coming true
    If we kept the Christmas spirit
    All the whole year through?

    Yes, happy, snowy winter holidays!!!!!!!!!

  14. quest Says:

    Dydablju,how are you??

  15. dydablju Says:

    Hi, Quest! I’m pretty good, and what about you? How
    are you?
    I’m very busy nowdays, lots of travelling
    via Europe because our school is taking part in international
    project to make changes at school. Maybe we will
    succeed in these changes among colapsing old world
    and create smth new…?

  16. quest Says:

    wow,so you’re part of the process too..they sure need your valuable help!:)
    have you visited belgium by chance?i’m moving there soon!
    i’m doing good,lots of roller coaster-like changes

  17. dydablju Says:

    i haven’t visited Belgium but i’ve visited Prague, Amsterdam
    and Birminghem. Maybe one day i ‘ll be lucky also to visit
    Belgium 🙂 My travelling was very tiring but exciting meeting new and very good people.
    have a nice trip to Belgium and have a nice time there! 🙂

  18. irene alomar Says:

    it is lovely to see your website i do love your comments…peace begins in my own heart first..LOVE PEace light

    • dydablju Says:

      thank you Irene,
      ”I Am Of Pure Light And I Am Of Pure God. And Nothing Of Earth Can Destroy This, Harm This, Or Change This In Any Way.”

  19. caroleen Says:

    I am glad LOVE got the part!!! Cannot imagine anything else ever coming close to the command performance of LOVE!!!!

  20. irene alomar Says:

    I see we are chnging and feeling better and better as we walk on our journey glad to see when yuö come to godliness so happy to wave to youw ith your loving heart beating..so be is it so it is done now and I remain grateful

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